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What is GIS?

    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a technology used by governments, public health agencies, crime mapping, and many other industries for data and spatial analysis to create high impact, interactive maps.

    GIS lets us visualize, analyze, and interpret data to understand relationships and trends. GIS combines data retrieved from satellites, drones, and other sources to represent data in a simple view. 

Helping the Youth

   GIS is one of Hopeworks’ growing social enterprises that provides more than 20 internship opportunities for youth. By developing and employing local youth, Hopeworks provides life changing opportunities where their growing tech skills propel them to build strong futures and break the cycle of poverty.

About Hopeworks

With a focus on education, technology, and entrepreneurship, Hopeworks provides a positive, healing atmosphere that propels young people to build strong futures and break the cycle of violence and poverty in Camden, New Jersey. We connect youth to life-changing opportunities where their growing technology skills go to work for enterprising businesses within our community. The real-world, on-the-job experience they gain raises their potential and benefits our partners.

Meet Our Team Leads!

Luis Olivieri

GIS Team Manager

Esteban Romero

GIS Coordinator